Is the American Public Corporation in Trouble?

There may well be agency problems at Public Corporations, though family firms often are also ridden with conflict in the C-Suite, especially between family members. But as long as Private Equity gets favorable treatment from a tax, regulatory and transparency point of view this trend away from listed companies will continue. The irony is that Private Equity needs the public market in order to sell its investments. The question of how citizens and workers can be made part of a capitalist system that is concentrated in a very small number of hands should not be forgotten - it may be the most important question after all!
Is the American Public Corporation in Trouble?

Discussion of individual Pay Awards pointless

I applaud the authors of this article for their diligence. But any discussion of an individual pay award only makes sense if the overall structure of executive compensation is put under the microscope. Was Tillerson paid too much (or too little)? No one knows but it is clear that the CEO of a large corporation must be paid in line with the 'going 'rate. If you think Executive Pay is too high there has to be reform that is based on principles that will be applied to all company pay schemes.
Should Executive Pay Be More “Long-Term”?

One-Element Pay Proposal

The model proposed is a step in the right direction! I like the fact that there is a symmetry in the variable portion of compensation. But as with all good intentions, how will there be any agreement to implement meaningful reform?
Is Executive Pay Broken?

Kleinfeld Letter to Paul Singer - where is the hidden Agenda?

That there will be little - if any - love lost between Arconic's Kleinfeld and Paul Singer should not surprise anyone. But when I read the controversial letter I was left with just one question: What was Singer up to in Berlin during the Soccer World Championship 2006? Apart from that I think the 'Activist' style of Asset Management needs more scrutiny from regulators as well as the Corporate Governance Crowd. Communication between Asset Managers and Companies should be on a fully transparent basis and any motions to change management should be addressed to the totality of shareholders who can then vote on proposals at the Annual Meeting (or extraordinary Meeting if required). Backseat driving should be discouraged as much as possible. And with respect to this letter: can ANYONE find the hidden agenda that so upset Singer and the Arconic Board? I would like to see your comments!

Compensation: Excessive focus on individual performance dangerous

Compensation based on share price development? This is contrary to all sensible pay schemes and one of the main contributing factors to excessive executive pay. Maybe this works in the confines of a small investment boutique but even there it is not clear what the scheme could do to improve the performance produced for investment clients.

Excessive focus on individual performance is inherently dangerous, says Barry Olliff | City A.M.

Sports Direct has chosen a 30-year-old Barnstable shop manager to stand up for staff at the company

Insult to Intelligence! Like the Headmaster selecting the Head Boy, nothing but a poodle! Staff needs proper representation, the old Unions are not up to the job, still stuck in socialist mindset. What is needed is something akin to Activist Investors, Investment Banks representing employees and negotiating on even level with capital owners. So the EBU, the Employee Buy-out is the way to go. Who would ever have thought that a tiny niche, Private Equity, would become the Monster it has become in the past 30 years? Or the MBO that is abused by any number of insiders well placed to take advantage of their position? Both factors key contributors to the growth of Inequality and wealth of the 1%
Sports Direct has chosen a 30-year-old Barnstable shop manager to stand up for staff at the company

UAL: gormless Board will probably do Nothing

At least Wells Fargo threw the book at the CEO when the abusive practices came to light. It will be interesting to see how UAL's Board handles this incident, or the large holders (Vanguard, State Street, Blackrock, you know the culprits) of the shares that basically control most of the large public companies. Unfortunately the Board is beholden to the CEO and not really responsible to the Fiduciaries (fake owners). If it would this incident should get immediate and public attention.
Video surfaces of man being dragged from overbooked United flight

Non-voting Shares: Complete Failure by All!

Politicians, Regulators, Fiduciaries in the Fund Management and Private Banking Industries as well as participants in the Great Corporate Governance Moan are all equally responsible for the growing abuse of non-voting shares or different share classes.

Norway’s oil fund wants CEO incentive plans scrapped

Good intentions, but just scrapping the LONG TERM incentives leaves more than a barndoor open for other abuses.
Norway’s oil fund wants CEO incentive plans scrapped

Another step towards undermining Public Shareholder Model

Regulators stand by (what's new) when the latest step is taken to make Shareownership a get-rich scheme for the well-connected.
Stage-managed Earnings Call at Netflix

No 'credible link' between executive salary and performance

Also morally corrupt, fake economic theory, discriminatory! Shame on Investment Fiduciaries (Banks, Funds etc) that allow this grotesque abuse of power!
MPs: No 'credible link' between executive salary and performance - Business Insider