No more 'anger' or 'protests' about top pay

No more 'anger' or 'protests' over excessive senior management - and in particular CEO - compensation please. It is up to the 50 top global investment institutions (dare we say fiduciaries?) to get a handle of this (still growing) abuse. It is they who effectively have a controlling stake in all listed companies and are morally - if not even legally (due to various ethics codes and legislation to engage in corporate governance) – bound to put an end to excessive compensation for a tiny number of top executives. Or will legislation eventually be the only remedy? Voting by the Top 50 should be mandatory and public, any outcome should be binding on the company. To avoid endless discussion about each pay 'scheme' a few simple rules suggested by Pro Governance (a modified 'John Lewis' model) would do away with time-consuming and opaque 'consultations' (usually held behind closed doors).