Widening Share Ownership the right way

Only requiring that incentive compensation is offered to all employees on an equal basis will prevent gaming of executive pay rules by the C-Suite. Strictly tie it to base pay on pro-rata basis. Make base pay subject to vote by all shareholders (or beneficiaries in private funds or indirect holdings, such as investment funds, pension funds or private banking accounts) (21-Dec-2017)
Tax Bill spells big changes for companie's approach to executive compensation

A Simple Fix for Our Massive Inequality Problem

Interesting proposal. But not sure the state should run it. Better to give substantial tax exemption for each individual that receives dividends or owns shares, - maybe up to (Dollar, Euro) one million. And put tax on all other assets at much higher rate (in line with personal income tax rates, i.e. wealth pay proportionally more). As more people are subject to the maximum rate it could be lowered (30%?)  and it would still generate sufficient revenues for the state. (3-Dec-2017)
A Simple Fix for Our Massive Inequality Problem - The New York Times