Ghosn's deferred Pay - an isolated case?

The latest instalment from the Executive Pay Series highlights another aspect of over-complicated pay structures. One has to wonder if this was an isolated case. A simple compensation system as favoured by Pro-Governance would help to prevent similar problems.
Possible Ghosn Defense: He Didn’t Think He Needed to Report Deferred Pay
(Wall St Journal, PayWall)

Pay Revolts - But key question is unresolved

All very well to threaten further investor 'revolts' on executive pay. But apart from the fact that the 'investors' are really only fiduciaries the main question remains unresolved: When is pay 'excessive'? (24- Nov-2018)
Investors tell companies: curb excessive pay or expect more revolts 

Exec Pay ultimately a question of Morality

Where is the limit for Executive Pay?10, 20 or 50 percent of incremental profit, why not? There is NO limit and the 'market' is not functioning - too many distortions.
Carlos Ghosn Felt Stars Deserved Big Pay. His Accusers Say He Took That Too Far

Not only Business has a Compensation Problem

Acting attorney general Whitaker earned more than $900,000 at conservative nonprofit

Incentives for the few - Reshuffling deckchairs on the Titanic

Lots of words, but the key aspect of 'Executive' compensation is not addressed: the discriminatory use of ineffective Incentive plans. (12-Nov-2018)
Emerging Practice in Long-Term Plans

Proxy Advisors under the Microscope

The post strongly suggests that the concerns expressed by public companies and industry groups about proxy advisors should not be dismissed. (12-Nov-2018)
Are Proxy Advisors Really a Problem?