Aberdeen's Martin Gilbert: Regenerating Capitalism

When a senior manager writes about the subject of Capitalism I am always curious: is it a serious effort to show the way towards a solution or is it a disguised form of corporate advertising?
Sadly this article belongs to the second category as the piece is completely devoid of any specific suggestions. Apart from that one would also need a clear definition of what is supposed to be wrong with present day Capitalism.
 Martin Gilbert: regenerating capitalism for the benefit of all (Aberdeen Press and Journal)
(16 August 2016)

Red Line Voting - good idea but...

The initiative from the Association of Member Nominated Trustees is a step in the right direction. But what is really needed is a way to give the real end investors, the pension fund beneficiaries, the investors in mutual funds or the clients of Private Banks a say in all votes that are held in the corporate world. Only if a conduit for them is designed will there be meaningful change in matters or corporate goverancne, ethical and social responsible investment. While it will not be possible for all individuals to vote on each and every issue and for every company whose shares are held (directly or indirectly) the solution could be to extend the role of proxy agencies. The investors should be able to select an Agency of his choice (similar to voting for a political party or politician). Agencies would be required to clearly state their voting policies and strictly adhere to them.
Red Line Voting
(11 August 2016)

CEO packages soaring in UK - Black Eye for CorpGov Crowd

While there are many arguments for and against high pay awards to CEO's the one for Sky's Jeremy Darroch merits a special comment. Given that Sky is operating in a heavily regulated environment is should be noted that only thanks to failed Government policies (no proper control on bundling of TV channels, no proper control of Sports Rights) the company can produce such strong earnings and therefore 'reward' its CEO so lavishly.
CEO pay packages get 10 percent boost despite shareholder, staff unrest (CNBC)
(8 August 2016)