Dual-class voting shares - are our Fiduciaries standing firm?

Canny insiders - with the help of advisers among investment banks - are steadily eroding shareholder rights. There is opposition but it is piecemeal and split. Reality is, if the major fiduciaries in the asset management business would get together and put their feet down this unhealthy development would be stopped very quickly. I would not go so far as to call these structures the biggest threat to financial markets but they are just one more factor behind the continuous increase in Inequality.
Dual-class structures biggest threat to financial markets

Who runs our Companies? Proxy Firms? ETF Providers?

A lot of noise had been created about the (supposed) undue influence that 'passive' investors (and ETF providers in particular) may or may not exert on investee companies. But the elephant in the room really are the few proxy firms that dominate voting advice to most investment managers. Apart from the fact that it is unclear how much of an extra burden their fees heap on the charges that the real end investor has to bear (without ever being asked), their 'advice' (basically nothing but another opinion for which they will never be called to account) in many cases ends up in the proverbial waster paper basket as their clients often ignore this expensive advice. Apart from that the self-imposed voting principles that proxy firms publish on a regular basis are devoid of any input from end investors and the wider public (are we not in a new age where wider stakeholder interests should be included in good corporate practice?) (9-March-2019)
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