Status Seeking - nothing changed for 5,000 years

Reading a book about Egypt's ancient history recently I could not help but be reminded of today's corporate oligarchs. Officials in the time of the old kingdoms tried to outdo each other by ever more spectacular tombs, being as close as possible to the Pharaoh's tomb etc...what you see in Wall Street is not much different, the same atavistic instincts reign supreme, the apartment on the right spot (overlooking Central Park if possible), the weekend home in the this all the progress humanity made during the past 5,000 years?

How to move governance from theory to practice

How can the corporate governance discussion move forward from the study/discussion stage it is trapped in at the moment? There have been more than enough studies, discussions - even laws and regulations - in the past and in theory we should all live in a corporate governance paradise. But sadly this is not the case. So we would love to hear suggestions about what could/should be done to move things forward. Not more 'theory' please but practical measures that could easily be introduced.

Domino's (UK) pleased with 'consultation' on top pay

We are not surprised. After another 'protest' against pay for top management the company can go back to business as usual. No one knows what these 'consultations' with larger investors entailed, who the lucky and priviledged few were and what was said by whom. So no holding them to account.