Dual CEO'S - if anything a formula to be promoted

The recent troubles at Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion seem to suggest that dual leadership can be damaging for an organisation (FT). But Rome had two consuls during its rise to dominance, and they were limited in their power to a tenure of one year. Goldman Sachs in the late 1970s and early 1980s had co-chiefs - and that was when the firm laid the foundation to its rise to dominance. The challenge for boards and shareholders is to make sure there is a deep bench of talent - a thing that is sorely missing in many companies, why else would a company ever look for an external candidate for any of its top positions?

CEO pay - Heads I win, tails you (shareholders) lose

A perceptive article by Eleanor Bloxham - but sadly it also does not offer a real way out of the CEO quagmire. She is not alone in this and a much more forceful and determined effort is required to stamp out this abuse. By now there are enough learned studies and the time for action has arrived. And anyone willing to get engaged can be sure of one thing - he will not be required to camp out in a tiny tent in the middle of a cold night. The aim is clear, now it is only a question of getting organised!

Cameron vows to tackle executive pay

For once we can give wholehearted applause to the British Prime Minister - if he stays the course. As reported elsewhere, it is regrettable that the ABI and the NAPF - these guardians of the investor's best interest - have already put the spanner into these proposals. One should not forget that these organisations are deeply conflicted and their own governance needs to be put under closer scrutiny. Have they ever bothered to find out the opinions of their ultimate paymasters - the people who are insured or whose money they manage?