Exec Comp: nice try but no solutions!

The suggestions that CEO's and other members of the gilded C-suite should be paid with corporate bonds instead of share options or on the basis of some convoluted performance metric are non-starters. The hold that senior executives and their acolytes in academia and the media - not even mentioning mindless holders of their company's shares among the non-fiduciaries in the world of institutional money management or Private Banking - is just too strong. The only way they can be brought to heel is with a simple and fair solution as advocated by Pro Governance, i.e. no special deals (perks, pensions, 'incentive' schemes etc) for the anointed and self-governed few but a simple pay and bonus scheme that treats ALL EMPLOYEES on the same basis. In addition shareholders should have a BINDING vote on compensation for the CEO before it is agreed.
The real problem with CEO Pay (Bloomberg View)
(7 August 2015)


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