NYC Pension launches another box-ticking exercise

Is this just another box-ticking exercise? What would happen if every fund manager starts shooting off these questionnaires to any and all companies it has holdings in? Would the system survive this onslaught? I am sure that it would not as 1000s of companies would have to reply to 1000s of approaches, and not just once but the corporate governance crowd would want to have its piece of flesh every year!
I think the only way something like this could work if there are clear rules and an easy way to monitor them.

Join the Debate! Or is Corporate Goverance just for Show?

NYC Pension Funds Boardroom Accountability Project Version 2.0

The Evolution of Conceptions of “Good” Corporate Governance

Another refutal of the false ideology behind Executive 'Incentive' Compensation schemes. Shame on Business Schools who should be at the forefront of getting rid of these flawed schemes rather than regurgitating the manrta of Maximising Shareholder Value.

Join the Debate! Or is all the Corporate Governance activity just for show?

 Is There Hope for Change? The Evolution of Conceptions of “Good” Corporate Governance

Toys 'R' Us - the REAL Culprits are not mentioned

The 'Private' Equity firms that gamble with the Public's money on the basis of 'Heads we win, Tails you lose' are the real culprits. Rather than put real sweat money into a business they load it with tons of debt - to the max - and hope for the best (a rising market makes everyone a genius). Shame on KKR and Bain Capital, shame on the regulators that neglect the unfair advantages that 'Private' Equity firms get (tax, accounting, liability, employee relations).

Deutsche Boerse pays fine for supposed Insider Trades by CEO

Is this the proper way to handle this investigation? Is it just hush money? And who approves of these payments? Are the regulators complicit in a cover-up? And is there really no other person fit to run what was until not so long ago a quasi-public institution run for the benefit of its users? (Reuters)

Top Execs sell stock just days before bad news is released

When well-paid (overpaid?) top executives behave like this one should not wonder that Capitalism and the Market System increasingly lose public support. It is only fortunate that the average citizen is not really able to properly put such blatant abuse of position into proper perspective. After all, how many do really understand what a million dollars (life changing amount for 99% of the population) means? The maths scores tell a story! And it will be interesting to see how regulators and the trustees of the savings of ordinary people (aka investment managers, private bankers) and the corporate and 'socially responsible' investment crowd are going to do about this.

Fee pressure - who can afford good Corp Governance?

As an afterthought to the previous entry just one question: if more and more assets move to passive instruments and fee income of the investment fiduciaries is under sustained pressure, who can then afford to pay for detailed corporate governance? The work cannot just be done by some second-rate professionals as the task requires detailed analysis, maybe even more so than the task of buying or selling shares at the right time. And letting a few proxy agencies take over the whole process it not that cheap either when you consider wafer-thin fees on passive products. This is apart from the question of who monitors the proxy agencies and competitive aspects if two or three providers dominate the field. Activist Investors to the rescue? But they want more than a pound of flesh! And are their motives aligned with the interests of the ordinary saver and investor?

Who asks the REAL Investor for his opinion on Pay?

All very well for the Investment Association to claim that 'Investors' hold cards for AGM season. But apart from the fact that the season is basically over the big question remains: how much - if any - influence do the real end investors that the article refers to ("those of us who ....through pensions and savings are (trying) to get the best possible return on their hard-earned money") have with respect to corporate governance, and the most critical and topical issue, that of (excessive) executive pay?

Tired old cliches on Exec Pay

UK bosses need high pay to be competitve with US pay? That might be so, but then it is high time that someting is done about pay over there. Ban investment in non-compliant companies (a task for the Index providers if they would not just be chasing $$$ but be responsible, or is talk of socially-responsible investing just that?) or thrown USA out of WTO (again, social dumping parallel, just in reverse). All 'Fiduciaries' that do not put their weight behind reform should be excluded from soliciting investors. And please spare us the comparison with sports or media people, soccer and copyright regulation are also crying out for reform!
Drastic, but do you have an alternative that could work?

Index Providers need Regulation

Removing a company from an Index after it has been suspended from trading for 50 (!!) days, they must be joking! Index providers (esp FTSE, MSCI, S&P) must be controlled, by investment community or by regulators.

Two top Wall St chiefs enjoy $314m share bonanza

So how are the two guys going to support efforts to reign in Executive Compensation? They will not even try, so pseudo 'Fiduciaries' like these (and they are among the largest of them) need to be stripped of their voting power. Let them play the market but not supervise the corporations. More often than not they just are just renting the shares - there is no proper intent of taking the responsibilities of ownership, all governance efforts are purely cosmetic. Jamie Dimon in particular should not rattle on about the problems the USA face, he should just look in the mirror: HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM!
Two top Wall St chiefs enjoy $314m share bonanza