Governance stuck in quasi-feudal period

Never underestimate the stupidity of politicians and regulators. France is a particular case, it is masquerading as a Northern Democracy but the mentality is still Top-down, and Who-youKnow is all-important. But the Governance Crowd is the main culprit as the 20-30 largest institutional investors (incl Private Banks) would be able to dictate better rules but instead prefer to chase elusive 'performance' while being absentee landlords. That the great unwashed public, i.e. the REAL owners of the business have no voice/say shows that corporate governance is stuck in a quasi-feudal period. Pro Governance has made specific proposal of improvement and encourages those sympathetic to get in touch.
Investors suffer in the Vincent Bolloré game of thrones (FT)
(16 April 2016)


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