Premier Foods told Nissin of US Interest

Strange things happen in Corporateland. It will be interesting to see what regulators have to say about this situation. Was Nissin an Insider after being told of potential bid interest? I guess if Joe Blogs would have been told by his girlfriend in the mailroom at Premier before quickly buying some shares the regs would have come down on him like a ton of bricks. So come on chaps at the FCA and/or PRA (wherever you hang your hats in the revolving regulatory circus) and shed some light on this. And the concerned 'fiduciaries' in the investment management firms should have a word to say as well, not least about the off-board transaction when a 'Private' Equity firm (handling the money of the wider public but keeping a hefty share for itself) got a sweet deal selling a stake to Nissin.
(30 March 2016)


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