AntiTrust massively eroded - Should Fiduciaries care?

Should Investors - and their hired hands in the Fund Management/Private Banking Industry - really care if Oligopolies and Monopolies are not held in check? Higher profits at the cost of higher inequality may be attractive in a Darwinian world but how does this fit in with the current focus on ESG, SRI and Impact Investing?
Why the Regulators went soft on Monopolies

Seed Oligopoly - next battleground for ESG/SRI Investment?

Just a question of time before the investors in the Seed providers will come under heavy fire from those concerned about good ESG/SRI practices. How much does it cost to invent? discover? a new seed variety? Have those breeding new varieties of flowers, pigs etc left tons of money on the table? Given that the seed companies are so keen on protecting their 'intellectual' property one can only be suspicious of their motives. How much does it cost to develop a new seed variety, and how much in annual rent are they exacting?
India's Top Court backs Genertically modified Seed Oligopoly

IPO Roundtripping - Public left holding the bag

The re-emergence of Dell as a Listed Company can only leave a sour taste in the mouth of anyone who supports a Market System that benefits the great majority and not just a few clever financial engineers.
For a long time Pro Governance has argued that it is much to easy to take listed companies 'private' (a misnomer in the case of 'Private Equity' backed deals as PE firms are mostly working with money from Joe Sixpack even if it is allocated by fiduciaries in the money management food chain).
Dell returns to public equity markets

China closes Christian Church - where does SRI/ESG Community stand?

A very topical issue!
And Merry Christmas to all Readers!

Be more pro-active in the New Year and let us know your views!

ESG Investing - more than just a fashion?

The targets of ESG investors are all worthwhile but do not take much courage. Why not also go after excessive executive compensation or nasty political regimes?
ESG groupthink has captured the fund industry

Blackrock suggests improvements to Proxy process

Very thoughtful, but the question remains: how to give the real end-investor the opportunity to influence proxy voting. Should investors - hoders of mutual funds, pension fund beneficiaries etc - be allowed to choose between different proxy advisors (a bit like supporting a political party)? Let us know your opinion on this!
Blackrock comment to SEC

Ghosn's deferred Pay - an isolated case?

The latest instalment from the Executive Pay Series highlights another aspect of over-complicated pay structures. One has to wonder if this was an isolated case. A simple compensation system as favoured by Pro-Governance would help to prevent similar problems.
Possible Ghosn Defense: He Didn’t Think He Needed to Report Deferred Pay
(Wall St Journal, PayWall)

Pay Revolts - But key question is unresolved

All very well to threaten further investor 'revolts' on executive pay. But apart from the fact that the 'investors' are really only fiduciaries the main question remains unresolved: When is pay 'excessive'? (24- Nov-2018)
Investors tell companies: curb excessive pay or expect more revolts 

Exec Pay ultimately a question of Morality

Where is the limit for Executive Pay?10, 20 or 50 percent of incremental profit, why not? There is NO limit and the 'market' is not functioning - too many distortions.
Carlos Ghosn Felt Stars Deserved Big Pay. His Accusers Say He Took That Too Far

Not only Business has a Compensation Problem

Acting attorney general Whitaker earned more than $900,000 at conservative nonprofit